Bhutan a kingdom of the eastern edge of Himalayas
A trip to Bhutan with Intrepid Travel will expose you to this mystical & spiritual land.

Top 5 Attractions spot when you visit Bhutan don't miss out

The subtropical planes with steeping mountains with vast valleys in the high Himalayas where the trekkers are welcome for their serious high trekking. The yeti mythical monsters can be seen in the local .Its an otherworldly place where great reverence of nature is considered in much vivid 

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery hangs on a cliff and stands above an enchanting forest of blue pines and rhododendrons. As this beautiful and very exceptional monastery is a sheer climb the hill (900 meters),  .  The view of the Paro valley from here on is breathtaking, and the atmosphere very holy, a place where every Bhutanese will want to come at least once in his/her life. 

Punakha Dzong

Punakha (alt. 1300m/4265ft) - Punakha served as the capital of Bhutan. Punakha Dzong joined to the mainland by an arched wooden bridge and contains many precious relics from the days when successive kings reigned the kingdom over this valley.

Gangteng Monastery

A few kilometers beyond the Gangtey Monastery, on the valley floor lies the village of Phobjikha .  While Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world, its cultural diversity and richness are profound.

Gangtey Valley in winter

The Phobjikha Valley is a vast glacial valley at an elevation of about 3,000 . The valley of Gangtey is one of the most stunning valleys in the Himalayas, and many call it the Shangri-La of Bhutan, just as how Bhutan is well known for being “one of the world’s happiest nations,” and “the last Shangri-La on Earth. 

Nature of Bhutan consists mostly of snowy mountains and glaciers but range from subalpine coniferous forests to forests that consists of broad leaves in the central region and dense subtropical forests in the south. Despite its small landmass, Bhutan has a wide variety of flora and fauna and is also known as one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world and cultivates the holidays in India