Google Keyboard Updated with New Features
Google Keyboard Updated with New Features

Gboard keyboard application that Google has developed for iOS devices has been updated with new features. keyboard with Gboard update has now become more useful.

Google in May last year published his keyboard application for iOS devices that Gboard name. From a standard keyboard application that offers more features and Gboard; Correspondence screen to find restaurants and shopping venues near you, via video, GIF, or visual that you can call out the weather, you can see the sports results on and search for anything.

Google, yet no Turkish language support for application Gboard issued an update today. In addition to the keyboard with the addition of new themes Gboard version 1.2 iPhone 6s and later iPhone models for 3D Touch is located in the new features it was included in the application.Gboard in touch thanks to 3D now can easily reach any place of routing commands, pressing hard on the keyboard type.


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