Increase Your Knowledge : Google’s mysterious new OS “Fuchsia”
Google after Android and Chrome OS now came up with the mysterious “Google Fuchsia”. We heard about Fuchsia few years a ago when internal sources at Google mentioned it as replacement for Android.

However unlike Android and Chrome OS,Google Fuchsia is based on its own new micro-kernel named  Zircon .This time it is not based on Linux Foundation. You must be thinking now what is Zircon? Zirkon was produced by a coder named Travis Geiselbrecht, who also created the New OS kernel.Zircon was previously known as Magenta.It is mostly  used for embedded systems .Zircon is the core platform where Google Fuchsia will be built.It consists of services,drivers,server spaces and libraries which are necessary for system to work,for hardware etc.Fuchsia is an open source free software.It is developed in such a way that it has ability to run on all devices like smartphones,tablets, laptops and desktops.Fuchsia does not face any scalability issues


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