Last Minute Packing tips while Office Shifting
Planning to relocate your office? Then you must be worried of the all the loads of work that surrounds the shifting and the time that will be spent causing your office work to suffer.

As last minute revision turns out to be boon for kids during exams in the same way some last minute packing tips will make your office shifting a cake walk activity. Here are few tips to ponder upon:

Keys :

Collect keys of old office from your staff and hand them over the keys of new office.

Maps/ Directions:

See to it that all your staff is clear about new office location. Email round maps and finalize the time and date they are expected to turn up to the new office to resume their new work.

Vacating and checking out from the existing office:

Arrange for existing office clean up and all the dilapidations taken place as per the office lease. Make arrangements with the landlord so that he inspects the premises and you can hand over the keys to him.


See that all the electricity bills have been cleared. Arrange for closure of all the utilities after post move and after all the services are transferred to new office. See to it that new office is ready with power supply so that your business can be resumed quickly when you get to new office.

Emergency contact list:

Putout the list of key contact numbers – electricians, telecom vendors, lift engineers and any person you need to contact in the event of a problem in getting your business back to normal and running.

Bifurcate things that is required to be donated from that which is required to be thrown away

As there will be lot of items you will not use again do not pack them and do not move them as it will be only costly affair. So it is better to dispose of these items. In case you have no time to sell then look out for someone who can keep them for you until you have time to put them for say online.

Make an open first box:

This box contains the basics that you will need for first couple of days after the move like pens, important files, I card of some important clients and persons etc. You could keep this box open and keep using things and keep it filling it up until moving day. So that these things will be ready to begin your work with at your new work place and you may not end up wasting time in searching for these things.

Label every box:

Labeling the box will allow you to locate things easily and this will not waste much of your time in searching for things. It is advisable to pack all the important and daily use files in one box so that when you start up with your office work these files are readily available.

Stay focused:

Lastly it is advisable for you to stay focused and concentrate on your relocation so that it is transpired easily and in time. Take your employees in confident and make sure that they are put at ease while shifting.

Do not neglect the details of last minute move and make sure that you have read the moving documents carefully and clear all the last minute misconceptions with the moving company before the move. Sign the papers only when you are clear about your relocation process.

These tips collected from an interview with Shainex Packer and Mover Company and Arya Gurgen


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