Top Features Of A Serviced Residence
From here you can how to define a serviced residence better in Singapore.

Top Features Of A Serviced Residence

The big industry buzz now seems to be about how to define serviced residence and different organizations and trade bodies then have their own correct definitions should be. And one definition is acceptable widely that a serviced residence is the umbrella term of a kind of full furnished apartment available for short period or long term accommodations, which supplies abundant amenities, housekeeping and other services for clients and where most utilities and taxes are including within the rental price. And on different websites or countries the term serviced residence has lots of sub headings which include but are not limited to: extended stay, corporate housing, suites, residence, studios and etc.


Development of the serviced residences

Gradually the concept of luxury serviced residence is more widely known in the world, and the leisure market as well. But we cannot make sure that everybody is expecting the same things always like you when they book accommodation for long term stay. Personally speaking, will want to seek for a long-term stay residence with the bills and services included and where you feel like at home rather than a residence, which lives temporarily and casually. One primary point you should be to keep in mind about booking a serviced residence is that whether if your needs can be satisfied or not. One type does not suit all, so abundant choices and plans available you can get would be nice. And the role of selecting the serviced residence-booking agent becomes even more important. A good booking agent would be able to make the best choice to meet your needs.

Top 5 features Of Luxury Serviced Residence


It is one of the essential factors that you ask for and it is good to check the location mentioned may not be as convenient as you think.

Orientation and Welcome packs

Serviced Residence makes the guests feel right at home and without the long expenses raised by the hotel if you need other extra services. Coffee, mineral water or seasonal fruit juice on arrival could be of significant impact on visitors or travelers.

Arrangements with local serviced suppliers

This is another critical factor. A traveler always seeks for the best services in every traveling experience and he/she will always go for the better deals when opting for a serviced residence in a new country.

Kitchen equipment

In order to make guests feel like at home, a serviced residence must offer fully equipped kitchen like a fridge, cooking appliances including a microwave oven, etc.

Excellent quality mattresses

To get a good sleep is the most important requirement for any traveler, so some excellent quality bedding and mattresses are critical. It plays a core role in guests’ stay.


Hence, when you decide to book that serviced apartment, the features mentioned above will help you a lot and enjoy your trip better.